Triple Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies Recipe


These Triple Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies bake in just 8 minutes. Yep, 8 minutes to perfection and forgetting your long day while enjoying gooey chocolate goodness!

Somedays you just need chocolate, chocolate anda little more chocolate. Today is one of those days. For the past week and a half we’ve been fighting off colds. I wanted to make something enjoyable for everyone and quick so that I can get back to being Joey’s human kleenex. These triple chocolate cookies are chewy, decadent and just what you need after a long day, without the hassle.

If the time it takes these goodies to bake isn’t enough for you, they require just a few ingredients, one of which is cake mix. I tend to stock up on cake mix when it’ on sale and I have coupons for no real reason, so there’s always a box or two laying around. With a couple eggs, baking soda and browned butter these cookies are a cinch.

You won’t want to leave the chocolate chips out of these, trust me. It really adds just what the mix needs to give it a delicious cookie taste. Don’t be intimidated if you haven’t browned butter before, you can’t really mess it up. I just cooked mine in a skillet until it was golden to release some of the extra water in the butter. You could use oil, but why do that when you can use creamy butter? Yum!

You’ll likely need to chill the dough because butter makes the dough quite warm. I just rolled the cookies into balls rolled them in chocolate chips and popped them into the oven for 10 minutes. While they were in the freezer, I spent my time cleaning and disinfecting the house before Joey woke up from his nap. When kids are sick, every free minute is crucial.

He must have smelled them because by the time I was finished baking these I heard rustling over the monitor. He proceeded to come out and give them the “nom” seal of approval. That’s where he takes a bite and yells NOM! Because he’s great like that.
These triple chocolate cookies are perfect whether you’re in a hurry or just want something chewy and delicious that won’t keep you in the kitchen long.

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