Sugar Free Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Recipe


You know what I love? Creamy decadent dessert drinks with all the bells and whistles. I’m talking whipped cream and chocolate drizzles-pure goodness. Not exactly something you want to drink in the morning but as an evening treat. In college I drank coffee almost constantly but now I find I can’t drink it after 2 pm or I have trouble sleeping.

Yep, I’m getting old.

Since I can’t have my beloved dessert coffee drinks, I figured hot chocolate makes a nice alternative. I’ve always loved it and who says it’s only a winter drink! The summer is great for frozen hot chocolate but for these cool Spring nights we are having at the moment, a warm cup of this hazelnut hot chocolate is just what I need.

The true star of this hot chocolate is Nutilight, a hazelnut and chocolate spread. It’s basically sugar free nutella and has won over my heart. I feel like sugar tends to overwhelm the true taste of so many great ingredients but Nutilight is sweetened with erythritol, which happens to be my absolute favorite sugar substitute.To be honest, I like this stuff more than Nutella (gasp!) because I can truly taste the richness of the chocolate and the complimentary hazelnut. There’s no odd aftertaste and it’s just….amazing.

In the words of my son, Nutilight is “Wo………..ow!”

The other must have for this is homemade whipped cream. I mean, you could buy it at the store but you’d be cheating yourself of the light fluffy taste and the feeling of accomplishment from making it at home. I’m all for convenience, don’t get me wrong, but it takes only a couple minutes to whip up and is way better.
Okay back to this amazing hazelnut hot chocolate. Let’s recap. Easy? Yes! Delicious? Absolutely! Sugar free? You’ve got it! As an extra bonus, when the kids inevitably sneak a sip before bed, they won’t get a sugar rush- can’t ask for more!

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