About Us

Hi and welcome! I’m Emily and The Nom Recipes is where I can share my quick and easy food ideas. I cook, write and photograph all of my recipes with the help of my taste tester husband Joe and my photography assistant (and son/toddler/second taste tester ) Joey.

About the Blog

The Nom Recipes was started in March 2016 to share recipes and our cooking adventures. The “Nom” comes from our son who loves to yell NOM as loud as he can when he sees food he gets excited about. This is the place we can share our favorite things as well as fresh new ideas. While I’ll be doing the cooking and photos, my husband, Joe, will step in every now and then for our site updates and income reports to share how things are going- he’s got tech guy super powers!

About Me

Since I was a teenager, I’ve always loved photography. In 2009 I went to Mizzou for photojournalism and decided journalism wasn’t for me. I decided to do something “fun” for college and got a degree in anthropology. Maybe it’s not the most practical degree… but it taught me a lot about the world and let me make my own path where I learned some great skills.

Since my degree program wasn’t especially rigorous, I invested time in the community and  found I had a passion for helping kids. I worked with some awesome youth serving organizations where I used my degree and creativity to teach them about all the opportunities and cultures outside their own. I was lucky enough to get some marketing and design experience in these positions as well as continue to practice photography.

My husband and I met in college and got married soon after we graduated in 2013. We decided to stay in Columbia because we both liked the small town feel. In 2014 we had our son Joey and decided I would stay at home with him. It’s been a fun two years home with Joey and now that he’s older and curious, it’s fun to involve him in the kitchen. He loves helping even if he’s just playing on the floor with pans. He recently has taken an interest in trying to help set up my shots, so I’m thinking he may be doing his own photo shoots in a couple years. ?

I’m excited to share my experiences trying new things and reviving old classics with a twist- I hope you’ll be along for the ride.